Cutter Kates

Cutter Kates, the CK behind CK Construction, is a Lafayette native who grew up around the timeless elegance of southern architecture where quality and finish are paramont. As a family man, his style is influenced by both beauty and practicality, combining modern needs and classic design in his beautiful family homes (yes, it's more than just a tagline). He is easy to deal with, and isn't satisfied until every detail is correct. Cutter's style is influenced by the likes of A Hays Town and Henry Howard; architecture that stands the test of time both in design terms, and quaility of materials. Cutter also has over 8 years of site acquisition and tower construction experience. having managed hundreds of sites to completion he understands the importance of project management and deadlines.

Cutter is a proud member of the Acadian Home Builders Association and client of St Martin Parish Bank. Cutter has two young and very smart children and plays an active part in the community in which they live. In his spare time Cutter likes to pick up a guitar or a fishing rod to unwind.